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2. Limaye, A. B., Grimaud, J.-L., Lai, S. Y. J., Foreman, B. Z., Komatsu, Y., and Paola, C., 2018, Topography, image, and flow model data for experimental density currents, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, 2015-2017, Data Repository for the University of Minnesota, doi:10.13020/D6R088.

  • Related paper: Limaye, A.B., Grimaud, J.-L., Lai, S.Y.J., Foreman, Y., Komatsu, Y., and Paola, C., accepted, Geometry and dynamics of braided channels and bars under experimental density currents, Sedimentology.


1. Limaye, A. B., 2017, Topography and flow model files for the Platte River, Nebraska, 2016-2017, Data Repository for the University of Minnesota, doi:10.13020/D6Z39J.

  • Related paper: Limaye, A. B., 2017, Extraction of multithread channel networks with a reduced-complexity flow model, Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 122, doi:10.1002/2016JF004175