In the beginning…


“Welcome to the lithosphere!” – Jason Saleeby, greeting newly erupted lava in Hawaii, March 2013.

So I’m starting a blog.

Towards the end of my PhD I started a log of sorts to track my research–incremental steps, breakthroughs, dead ends–and to maintain a space for taking down half-formed ideas and sorting out alternatives when I hit a roadblock. Now, a year plus into a postdoc, the log is a sprawling jumble of largely mundane details and non sequiturs. I’m probably never reading most of that again. Nonetheless, taking some time to put ideas on the page has helped me keep my bearings and (hopefully) see some of the bigger picture.

With any luck this occasional project, a digital scrapbook for my adventures at the St. Anthony Falls Lab, will yield something of broader interest. Posts may flow out in voluminous sheets, quixotically striving to blanket the digital plains. More likely, new thoughts will surface sporadically in energetic blobs. Either way, you’ll find them here. And so, without further ado…
Welcome to the blogosphere.